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  • zoomzoomn 08/25/09 5:49 pm PST

    Honda recommends this service every 105,000 miles. I would say you are very much coming due!

  • docj 08/25/09 5:50 pm PST

    DEfinitely have it replaced again........Honda engines are interference engines ,meaning that if the timing belt breaks,the valves crash into the pistons and its game over for the engine...Expensive....

    Doc J

    Source: http://autorepair.about.com/od/glossary

  • morin2 08/25/09 7:46 pm PST

    "Believe timing belt changed at 80k."

    What makes you believe that - do you have the service records or is it marked on the timing belt cover or somewhere in the engine compartment, or is it "wishful thinking"? This is when you really need those former service records.


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