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  • autoboy16 01/10/08 4:29 pm PST

    Hard answer... In 2004, the passat had many engines... I'll break it down.

    If you had the 2l TDI diesel engine, use Synthetic Mobil 1 5w40 diesel oil.

    If you have the 1.8T turbocharged 4cyl engine, use Synthetic 0w40 or 5w40

    If you have the 2.8l VR6 6cyl engine, use 0w40.

    If you had the 4l (VV)W8 engine, use 0w40.

    So pretty much, between 0-5w40 will be ok regardless of the engine.


    Source: http://www.mobiloil.com/USA-English/Mot

  • bepperb 01/11/08 10:57 am PST

    Really depends what engine you have. Not knowing, Mobil 1 synthetic is probably the best for non diesel. Penzoil Platinum and Valvoline synpower would also be acceptable. The TDI requires 505.01 spec oil, which you'll want to get Castrol TXT from the dealer or find elsewhere. Your only other options for the TDI are Pentosin TS,
    Motul Technosynthese or Elf Excellium DID. It is more important to change it often than to buy expensive oil to avoid sludge. For more information than you probably want, check out the forums at bobistheoilguy.com.

  • bepperb 01/11/08 11:06 am PST

    Sorry, if you have the TDI Mobil 1 ESP Formula is also acceptable.

  • becks1 01/14/09 4:05 pm PST

    I have a 2004 Passat GLX and it uses Synthetic oil. I have never had any problems, but I have it changed every 5-6,000 miles.

  • gearhead1977 01/27/09 10:59 am PST

    I have an 04 Jetta Wagon with the 1.8T turbocharge four-cylinder,which I'm guessing is what you have (I don't think the VR6 had sludging issues)

    Most people I have seen use some sort of FULLY synthetic oil in this engine. I use Pentosin 5w40 fully synthetic oil. It's a German motor oil and meets a Volkswagen specific standard for oil (VW 502.00 or 505.00). I honestly can't tell you if it's better then Mobil One or any other synthetic, but I like the idea of using a German oil in a German car.

    I buy mine online at www.ecstuning.com.


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