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  • aznraptor 01/08/08 5:07 am PST

    No one has answered yet so I'll give it a shot.
    o and you can probably find a copy of the manual online. Winter drive probably makes all four wheels provide power and is best used in snowy and slippery conditions. Power drive... perhaps locking to a low gear ratio? and 4 wheel drive probably makes it so the system uses all four wheels to transmit power all the time. It would probably be best to turn them on or off while parked. General rule of thumb is if you don't need extra traction or capability, don't engage special modes.

  • inspector32 02/16/08 2:32 pm PST

    all i know for sure is that the winter drive button gears the transmission down so that it doesnt spin when you take off from a dead stop in the snow and ice,you can press it all day long but it only works by pressing it as you are stopped,power is for when you are hauling heaving loads,my 1994 rodeo doesnt have 4-wheel drive but its self explanitory,it puts all 4 wheels in motion for getting out of mud and joy riding in mud

  • nshannon 02/28/08 1:04 am PST

    winter drive acks as a clutch limiting the power to the rear wheels so it does not spin the tires. power drive is good for pulling heavy loads hills it holds a higher rpm before shifting to next gear. as far as the 4x4 buttons im not sure but the best time to engage the four wheel drive is when you are stopped unless you have a part time four wheel drive selection then would not recomend over 30 miles per hr i had a 92 with the same set up

  • jbcricket 12/13/14 9:02 pm PST

    found this info: "The available 4-speed automatic features a winter mode. When it's engaged, the transmission starts out in third gear to prevent wheelspin on icy or snowy surfaces. The transmission also has a power mode that gives better acceleration by raising up-shift points. Both modes are controlled by well-placed pushbuttons in the center console."


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