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  • 0patience 01/14/09 10:22 pm PST

    Mopar Power Steering Fluid or equivalent

    Should be able to get at any auto parts store.

    Here is the real technical info on it.

    The factory fill power steering fluid for most 1993-2004 model year Chrysler Group vehicles is ATF+4 (MS9602) and it provides superior performance at both low and high temperatures. WJ/WG and ZH vehicles use unique power steering fluids. Refer to the table to identify factory fill and the approved service power steering fluid by year and model. Note that MS9602 is Red in color and MS5931 and MS9933 are Amber/Yellow in color. All three fluids will darken in color with usage and fluid color is no longer an indication of fluid condition.

    The part numbers for MS9602 are 05013457AA (quart) and 05013458AA (gallon). The part number for MS5931 is 04883077 (quart). The part number for MB345 is 05127381AA.

    MS9602 should not be mixed or used as a "topping off" fluid on systems requiring MS5931. On some past models, MS9602 should be used as the replacement fluid. On these models, if a power steering system is being serviced that results in a large fluid loss, such as a pump, hose or gear/rack replacement, the complete system should be drained and filled with MS9602.


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