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  • 0patience 07/01/08 10:53 pm PST

    DTC 32
    DTC 32 will set if:
    Pintle position voltage is ever below 0.10 volts
    If actual voltage does not closely match desired voltage after 25 seconds (10% or 26 counts)

    The EGR port may be carboned up and causing the pintle not to seat properly.

    DTC 33
    DTC 33 will set if:
    MAP is greater than 4.2 volts or (90 kpa)
    TP (throttle position) sensor is less than 5 percent.
    DTC 21 and 22 are not present.

    Check connectors to MAP sensor
    Check for vacuum leaks
    Check for broken, worn or shorting wires to the MAP sensor.

  • abruscino 07/02/08 11:15 pm PST

    Thanks for your reply Opatience.

    Today I cleaned the egr valve (replaced gasket), changed the spark plugs, the coolant temperature sensor (it was cracked), and the fuel filter. It is considerable better now as the idle only goes up and down very slightly now. But today it (one time) still ran rough as I came to a stop (although it didn't stall). Will the egr valve need to be replaced, or is there something else that may be causing this? Like I said it's a lot better, but the problem is still there.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

  • 0patience 07/03/08 2:00 am PST

    While it is possible that the EGR is faulty, I would check for vacuum leaks first.
    You can take carb cleaner to spray around suspected areas in short bursts of spray. When you hit a vacuum leak, the idle will change. Sometimes will idle up, sometimes it will stumble. Which ever way, you will note a difference in the idle.


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