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  • morin2 01/21/12 6:30 am PST

    I really think the make is less important than how it was previously driven and maintained by its first and only owner. I've owned full-size Chevies and Fords and they both make fine trucks. But like anything, they can and are often abused and the future owner gets stuck with the result. My recommendation would be to find one driven lovingly and gently by an older man and then have it checked out by your mechanic.

    Your first issue is to decide on the truck style. There is high demand for used pickups. Regular cab pickups will be much cheaper and will work fine if you don't need a rear seat/interior storage. Crew Cab pickups will be in higher demand from landscapers and lawn service small companies and start-ups.

    If 4x4 capability becomes less important as a factor, consider used vans as a cheaper alternative with massive interior storage capability.

  • knowledgepower 01/21/12 8:20 am PST

    The van suggestion was great, the 4x4 truck would be a lot on gas cost and not very practical. What are the odds you will be on a dirt road doing deliveries needing four whel drive. Ford or Chevy vans can be good and if you go the Dodge route it would be the Sprinter van which is a Mercedes diesel. If you've ever watched the program "American Pickers" the Sprinter is what they use for cross country.


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