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  • 604doc 12/15/08 11:38 am PST

    I've had 3 or 4 blue tooth devices, and the code has always been '0000'. Try that and good luck! Let me know if it works.

  • kacey13 12/15/08 11:46 am PST

    Thanks 304doc, but I have already tried that as well as 1234,1111, etc. I think whoever owned it first set a passcode. I have emailed Mitsubishi & they gave me a way to reset it, but it did not work. Mitsubishi said the whole navigation system may have to be replaced. I hope that's covered under the warrenty!


  • blp0980 11/24/09 6:27 pm PST

    I just bought one but an 09 and they said it was 1234 or 0000 you can try that. Did you have issues with the setup

  • blp0980 11/24/09 6:28 pm PST

    Kacey you can try to get a hold of the person who has the title it should say the person who owned it priors name maybe you can get the info from them


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