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  • morin2 06/23/12 2:31 pm PST

    Diesels usually have specific oil requirements - listed in the owner's manual. I'd adhere to what the manufacturer recommends for the Cummins.

  • knowledgepower 06/24/12 7:06 am PST

    I'd like to add on to what was posted and is correct, the viscosity requirements should be in the owner's manual but of course it is sometimes missing. I suggest call the local Dodge Service Department and ask a Service Writer what the requirements are since they have them in all the time. Check the upper left window of the truck where they oil change sticker is posted and check the brand of oil last used in that vehicle. Continue to use that brand of oil, a diesel tech told me that many years ago and I always passed it on to customers. If there is no previous sticker posted then Valvoline Premium Blue or Premium Blue Exteme Life is recommended by Cummins.


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