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  • tony78 03/06/10 1:43 am PST

    If it didn't have a horn or air bags, why are you wasting your time looking at it ?

    And as soon as you find a car that does have a horn and airbags you will forget about that law.

  • morin2 03/06/10 8:52 am PST

    Did you buy this gem and was it misrepresented? Usually, if a car is sold "as is" - that's it, sorta like "for better or worse" on 4 wheels.

    Some states have state mandated inspections required to register any vehicle. If such an inspection was falsified, then there could be a case. Here in MD, you buy a used car either inspected (and pay more) or uninspected (gamble on a cheaper deal but have to take in for inspection and repairs yourself before registration).

    You should always have any used car inspected by your own mechanic before you begin negotiations to buy.

  • boomchek 03/10/10 4:45 pm PST

    If you bought it privately you're out of luck. You should have inspected it before purchasing.

    If you bought it from a brand name dealer you may have some recourse if this probelm wasn't declared and the vehicle is unsafe.

    If you bought it from a used car dealer that sells old crappy cars with AS-IS clause, then you're also out of luck.

    Either way this is another reason why people need to get a professional inspection done when buying a used car!


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