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  • lokki 02/13/09 4:59 pm PST

    Unfortunately, the answer to this will vary by state. In Texas, you can't do the old "sold for a dollar" trick any more. The State has a website where you enter the VIN number and the milage, and the sales tax is determined based on the "presumtive value" meaning you pay tax on what THE STATE thinks the car is worth, not what's on the sales receipt.

    Your state may not be so clever, but you'll probably have to at least tell us your state, or do some research on the net to find your the rules for where you live.

  • morin2 02/14/09 6:47 pm PST

    Here in MD, there is a minimum fee for "family transfers" - but its immediate family only. I transferred title to my son, for example for a small fee of $15 or $25. I could not have done it for a cousin - but check your state MVA online.


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