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  • armes 02/14/10 9:50 pm PST

    You must place a block of wood between the oil pan and a floor jack. Jack it up to the pan and then start loosening the mount bolts. then slightly raise the engine to remove the pressure off the mounts. Assembly the same in reverse.

  • imidazol97 04/11/10 9:16 am PST

    You do not remove the motor mount. GM recommends not lifting an engine by the oil pan.

    The motor mount around the belt has three support points. The bottom is a stud with a sleeve over it. Remove the stud by the end or sometimes it comes off with the bolt clamping it against the engine when that is turned. Then the sleeve can be tapped out. It goes back in using the tapered ends to swedge it back into place.

    Remove the right front wheel and take off the panel to access the lower part of the motor through the wheel well. Support the left front of the by lifting some to reduce pressure against the sleeve over the stud. Is used a jackstand under the right side after removing the wheel and used the car jack to life on the left side to relieve pressure against the motor mount.


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