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  • Stever@Edmunds 01/09/08 11:51 am PST

    Motor oil is better than it used to be. I always go with the factory recommended intervals. Ford now recommends 7,500 mile intervals for their 2008 model cars btw.

    The dealers want to upsell 3,000 mile intervals because not only can they charge you for the oil change, it's a great opportunity to upsell you other services while you are in the service bay. That generates billions in sales for the service providers - great for the economy but not so great for your pocketbook.

    Source: Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association

  • madmanmoo 01/09/08 12:44 pm PST

    Steve is exactly right. The dealership just wants more business. Follow Ford's guidelines and you'll be fine. If the manual suggests 5k, then 5k it is!

  • bepperb 01/11/08 11:00 am PST

    There is no question 5000 miles is appropriate. If you have concerns, you might consider Synthetic oil, but your engine will be fine on regular oil at that interval.

  • northerncedar 12/21/10 10:09 pm PST

    If you are using synthetic or synthetic blend (per ford recommendation), then 5000K would be OK. If you are trusting the local neighborhood instant oil change - you are not always getting what they claim. Some shop often put regular oil, or even 10W30 oil into your car, and tell you it is OK. If you are getting the $18 oil change, then you should get it done every 3000K. If you are sure you are getting the true synthetic blend, or using pure synthetic, then 5000K is fine. Bottom line, do not trust instant oil change place, unless they are pooring the oil from a quart or gallon container with the Ford Synthetic Blend name on it. Or another pure synthetic from a jug.


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