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  • MrShift@Edmunds 01/11/08 12:17 am PST

    You need to call a wrecking yard. They have books or CDs that have this exchange information, because they need to know the applications when they sell you a part.

  • sandman235 01/14/08 9:24 am PST

    The transmission you are looking for is a CD4E which was used in 99-02 Cougar, 95-00 Mercury Mystique and Ford Contour, 01-04 Ford Escape, and the 94-97 Ford Probe with a two liter engine. There might be differences in bellhousing patterns and starter locations so I think mr shiftright's advice is the best, check with a wrecking yard. I got this information from my transmission supplier: Makco Distributing Inc. (see link below)

    Source: http://www.bulkpart.com/Merchant2/merch

  • snowball2 03/24/08 12:58 pm PST

    the cd4e trans is not interchangeable with any ford/mercury trans,you can call a junkyard and get one in decent shape with a warranty


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