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  • karjunkie 09/17/08 12:01 pm PST

    Your General Module is malfunctioning. The General Module or as it is often referred to as the Body Control Module (BCM). It is the module that manages a number of specific vehicle systems and is usually located behind the driver or passenger kick panel just in front of the door. The General Module manages the lock/unlock functions, tailgate release, fuel filler cap and convenience opening of windows and sun-roof, when you hold the door unlock button down for more than five seconds. The General Module, is a sophisticated device capable of controlling all of the body electronics and has an integrated diagnostic system capable of reporting a number of faults to the OBD connector located in the driver's foot well. You need to have the dealer or mechanic do an OBD scan to confirm it is the source of your problem.

  • sunbee2002 09/17/08 6:18 pm PST

    Thank you, I'm going to take it in to the dealership for repair since it's still under warranty.


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