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  • subearu 08/30/08 12:46 pm PST

    A blinking CEL indicates a misfire on one or more cylinders. A steady on CEL indicates something amiss in the emissions system and/or a stored code from a previous event. You should get the car scanned, even if a CEL isn't lit. AutoZone usually will do this for free.

    Could have a bad injector, bad spark plug, bad coil, clogged fuel lines, etc. The codes read from the scanner will help identify which cylinder is having issues.


  • mopar424 08/30/08 1:42 pm PST

    This is a powertrain issue, the dealer should be able to reflash the ECU under warrenty, 75% chance that will solve the issue, either that or an emmisions control part that needs replacement (I think thats covered on powertrain- I would call a dealer and ask, or RTM)

    Source: Own 03 PT GT


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