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  • laltazan 08/01/11 8:17 am PST

    You are right, a four cylinder that is pushed, can burn as much fuel as a six cylinder, driven easier. You might try renting a four cylinder for a few days and see how you like it. In the end, I think it comes down to driver preference and driving style.

  • knowledgepower 08/01/11 10:26 am PST

    If you are looking for fuel efficient before the other concerns then 4 cylinder is better for you. A lot of what is in that highway flow are vehicles with 4 cylinder engines, there are many that are pretty quick. For the amount of rush hour traffic you're in the 4 cylinder is the best bet. I've sold plenty of 4 cylinder vehicles with decent horsepower with good mpg. Check this website in the used car section after you've decided on what you want and do the research, the reviews give an insight into what you may be purchasing. As far as longevity again most 4 cylnder engines will last well into 100k plus miles and beyond. You did mention you're not interested in leasing well you have disqualified yourself from that becasue you are buying a used vehicle and if you decided to buy new the miles you commute would be a no also. At least you know you aren't if anyone tried to sell you on it you have a definite no in your corner, but do check the website for your research and good luck on your vehicle search.


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