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  • MrShift@Edmunds 10/21/09 1:11 pm PST

    Well it's usually trunk seal, tail light lens gaskets or body seams.

    You might do a test by placing newspaper in the trunk and then spraying the suspected areas one at a time with a hose---that is, first do just the tail light and check for wetness inside---then the trunk seal on that side, and then spray the back window area.

    If this happens when you DRIVE the car, the water could come from underneath---a leaking body seam perhaps.

  • daeagle1 11/02/11 10:56 am PST

    If your 2003 is like my 2006, then there is a vent on the wall behind the carpet on the passenger side. Water pours in through the vent. I have no idea why there is a vent behind the carpet. It makes no sence. I am going to have a piece of metal welded over the vent to prevent any more leakage.

  • saron311 11/15/11 12:52 pm PST

    My/ Our 2004 Electric Lime Saturn Ion3 has also just starting leaking Rain in the Trunk (passenger side) by the Vent. Never happened for 7 years of Rain and Snow in Ohio(2004-2006) and Arizona Monsoons(2006-2011), but now came back to Ohio temporarily because my husband passed away. First thought the Saturn was Crying like me at the loss of my husband.
    What is the purpose of this VENT??? And why would it now be allowing Rain Water to enter the Trunk???
    I see that (daeagle1) seems to be having the same concerns.
    Can anyone help me find the right way to correct this problem as I believe my late husband Ron wants me to keep the Saturn.

    Thank you in advance for your help,

  • saron311 11/15/11 3:02 pm PST

    While doing further research on the internet regarding the leaking through the Vent in the Trunk, I discovered that the Vent is for the Battery and not to cover it up.
    There is a TSB for this problem to be serviced at the dealer(GM since Saturn is no longer and there should be NO charge for this.....similiar to a RECALL).



    Right rear trunk carpet wet, or debris entering under carpeting.

    Replace pressure relief valve in trunk with new design to prevent road contaminants from entering.

    I hope this helps anyone else who is having similiar problems.
    I will be contacting SATURN CUSTOMER ASSISTANCE CENTER at 1-800-972-8876 to find out which GM Dealership in the area I am temporlarily in is best knowledgeable and has the parts available to correct this issue.
    I believe my late husband's spirit lead me to the search for answers to our mystery leaking trunk.
    Good Luck and Best Wishes to all my fellow Saturn Owners,



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