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  • aznraptor 01/27/08 8:29 pm PST

    It's more of a label difference
    the money went into interior material quality, and exterior design.
    The main reasons lexus s (lexi?) are more expensive than toyotas is the extra luxury options you can add.
    For instance, a fully loaded XLE V6 and an ES350 will be quite close in cost as well as features. But for the lexus, there are alot more thing you can add, while the camry is all optioned out.

  • madmanmoo 01/28/08 9:46 am PST

    In addition to what the above poster stated, don't forget the extras that you get with the Lexus brand. Longer warranty, loaner vehicles, free coffee (maybe)!

    But you should see a reduction in road noise and a slightly better fit/finish. Otherwards, you ARE paying for a brand name.


  • ninak 03/08/08 2:20 pm PST

    What about the difference between RWD and FWD? I like speed but of course I'm not a race car driver, should that make a difference to me? Are the notorious Camry V6 flare and transmission issues resolved with the 09 models?

  • aznraptor 03/08/08 2:49 pm PST

    ES is still front wheel drive


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