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  • karjunkie 01/23/09 8:53 am PST

    What do you call the "reduced engine power light"? do you mean the check engine (CEL)light? Unfortunately, it would be impossible to advise you intelligently without knowing what is malfunctioning on your car. The CEL is telling you that something is wrong and the next step is to check the fault codes for specifics. You should go to your mechanic or local auto parts store and have them hook up an OBDII scanner to the car and check for any fault codes. Many auto parts stores will do this for free. This will tell you if any specific parts, sensors or modules are malfunctioning and need repair or replacement. It will save you hundreds of $$$ if you know what is wrong before replacing a lot of expensive parts. If you need help with the codes and what they mean, just come back here and we will try our best to help. Good luck and let us know if you have any follow up questions!

  • ray80 01/23/09 9:09 am PST

    The 'reduced power' light is illuminated when the magic computer system detects a problem the 'may' cause engine damage. the 'reduced' part of it puts engine in limp mode to allow you to drive it somewhere to get it corrected (as opposed to just shutting it off and wating for a hook).


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