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  • fatmando 08/25/08 12:40 pm PST

    if price and equipment are same-o same-o...

    Lexus will have higher resell when you go to get rid of it, and they come with a longer warranty.

  • texases 08/25/08 1:34 pm PST

    The GX is based on the 4Runner, IIRC, and is an older design than the new Sequoia. I'd go for the Sequoia, the equivalent of the LX-570 - more room, about the same mileage.

  • awesomeepicguy 04/03/12 9:12 pm PST

    by the way, the land cruiser is based on the lx570. The sequoia is a gas guzzler, and you get the refinement and luxury with the lexus.


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