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  • tony78 08/26/09 12:52 am PST

    It makes complete sense,,your tranny is shot.

    The resetting of the basic setting is kinda like riding your bicycle everyday for a year,,,

    ,as the chain wears out,,,

    you keep tightening it up to remove the excess slack,,

    ,then one day you decide to readjust the wheel back to the position when the chain was new,,

    ,and you still have that same old stretched out chain,,,,

    then you try and ride the bike,,,

    it won't shift,

    ,the chain slips off,

    ,,you get the picture,,,,

  • daynj1736 01/25/11 6:04 pm PST

    Just had the transmission rebuilt in my girlfriends 2000 Beetle because of shifting problems but they did not replace the valve body to keep costs down. After 2000 miles it started hard shifting. Had the valve body replaced (a used one) under warranty and now it shifts better than ever but who knows for how long.
    So, yes, it is probably the valve body. Eventually, it will get a shift code then go to "safe mode" and not shift out of 2nd or 3rd like ours did. I had Aamco to ours.


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