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  • karjunkie 06/19/09 1:51 pm PST

    The Honda Fit or the Mini. The Mini has such a high resale value after 3 years that it basically beats any other car in that price range.

  • texases 06/19/09 2:10 pm PST

    If low cost of ownership is a priority, forget Volvo and BMW. A Camry or Accord fits your specifications. Buy the latest Consumer Reports new car buyers guide, it has lots of information.

  • tony78 06/19/09 2:26 pm PST

    I thought about giving you an answer concerning re-sale value,,,but i noticed that you did not mention that, in your question.

    Actually the vehicle that you presently own is safer, cheaper to own and just about if not more reliable than say a honda fit or a mini cooper.

    Lets compare prices.

    1. A base model mini cooper msrp is $19,200

    2. A base model fit, with an msrp of $ 14, 700 is closer to the msrp $ 15,350 of a toyota corolla, the main difference between the 2 cars is that the toyota has a trunk and the honda has a lift back.

    3. Reliability. The corolla has a proven track record for reliability,,,The honda is a newcomer,,the Fit has not been around long enough to establish a proven record in any category.

    The mini cooper is a reliable car with the exception of the higher costs associated with replacment parts prices and maintenance costs.

    Uhh Oh,, I was getting off track there,,,you wanted to know about the volvo xc90 and the bmw 3 series ( bmw does'nt have a 300 series ) Both of these cars are expensive to buy, insure, maintain and repair and so they would be in a completely different category altogether than the Fit, Corolla and even the Mini Cooper.

  • lokki 06/19/09 4:43 pm PST

    Both Volvo's and BMW's are expensive to buy. Both are safe and, when new, relatively reliable. However neither is as statistically reliable as Honda or a Toyota.

    1.BMW offers free maintenance for the first 4 years or 50,000 miles and a bumper-to-bumper warranty, so you'll have no expenses, except tires and gasoline during that period. Note that the "run flat" tires BMW uses only last about 25,000 miles and are very expensive to replace.. After 50,000 miles, you'll find that BMWs, while generally reliable, can be very expensive to own, as routine maintenance is costly. Generally, however, BMWs have good resale value. Still, unless you really enjoy driving, you'll find that BMWs cost a lot of money for a car that's pretty small and rides pretty hard. Sure, they have great handling, but it doesn't mean much unless you do a lot of country road driving. I guessing that a BMW probably wouldn't be a good value for the kind of driving you do. However if cost isn't a consideration, and/or you won't be keeping the car for more than 4 years, they're nice.

    2. Volvo's are safe, but the story that they are safer than other modern cars is a legend left over from the 60's when Volvo pioneered safety. Other brands have caught up. Volvo does not offer as good a warranty as BMW, and they don't have free maintenance. Cost of ownership as far as repairs and maintenance will be reasonable although considerably higer than you've been paying for your Corolla. Still, they are very nice cars. One concern right now with Volvo is that Ford is actively looking to sell the Volvo company, just as they recently sold Jaguar.

    It's always unclear selling a car company will mean for resale value, warranty work, and service. Generally there is no problem. Still, you should be aware of this fact.

    3. A Camry is a historically reliable car, but which has suffered from some problems in the 2008 and 2009 model years. Reliability and quality have fallen. They used to the automatic choice to recommend - less so these days. Read Edmunds review:


    4. Honda Accords have very good reliability and very good resale. The warranty is fairly short but historically it hasn't been needed much. When Honda's have had problems, the company has done a pretty good job of standing behind their products even after the warranty has expired. However, the Accord is noisier than other vehicles in its class, and this bothers some people


    5. Many people swear by the Korean Hyundai's now and say that they are as good as the Toyotas. You may want to research those cars. They have a very good warranty, and they're nice enough to drive, but nothing special. Traditionally resale value on them has been pretty low, although that is slowly changing.


    6. Right now Chrysler cars are very cheap but probably not what you're looking for. The company has just been sold (see above) and the recent models have had poor quality.

    7. Ford makes some nice cars and are definitely worth considering, if the price is right. If price is a consideration, you may be able to get a better deal on a Ford these days. Their quality has been good and improving. Their resale value is 'average'. Ford is not, unlike GM or Chrysler, in any danger of being sold or being bankrupt.


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