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  • 0patience 08/25/10 3:30 pm PST

    The only sensor that I can think of that is close to the ECT is the EGR gas temp sensor.

  • 1badmdt 08/26/10 9:48 pm PST

    They are both ect sensors, which is a engine coolant temp, one goes to the computer the other to the gauge, i believe the one that goes to the computer is green from factory but if its been changed that wont matter..

  • rdsrds2 09/01/10 4:43 pm PST

    Ok. For the record you guys are right. Facing the windshield, there are 3 sensors all imbeded in the same housing to monitor the coolant temperature. The one with the hoses, most right, is for EGR. The one to its left is the temperature gauge sensor. Disconnecting it will cause your hot engine to show cold. And the 3rd one, to its left, is the Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) Sensor. The confusing thing is that in the 1992-1996 Haynes Toyota Camry repair manual on Page 6-2 there are 2 arrows identifying these sensors. However, incorrectly. One arrow points to the ECT correctly, the other points to the gauge sensor and calls it "distributor". The gauge sensor is not discussed in this manual at all, and only shows up in the wiring diagram in the back of the book.

    Now here is some interesting information that I was not aware of and maybe it can help someone in the future. Disconnecting the ECT Sensor will not allow the engine to start. It will crank, but not start. I discovered that a couple of years ago. Some time after that my camry died on the road and was towed. It would not start. Then the next day it would start. It was intermittent. Finally the ECT was replaced an the problem solved.

    But recently and about 2 years after replacement of the ECT, my car did the same start - die on the road stuff. I thought it the sensor again. It turned out to be the distributor.

    I thought that the absence of the ECT Sensor signal would cause the ECM to inhibit spark, and that is why the engine would not start. But in my troubleshooting and after replacing the distributor and disconnecting the ECT sensor, to my surprise, spark was present. To this day I don't know the way the missing ECT sensor prevents starting. But just know that if you have spark you can't rule out the ECT Sensor if your car does not start.


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