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  • kiawah 01/09/08 3:32 pm PST

    Doesn't appear anyone knows the answer to this. Grab a set of metric and SAE closed end wrenches and head under. Once you do it the first time, right it down on your oil change log. I write it down at the top, right next to the oil filter numbers so I don't have to look them up anymore.

    Recognizing that each vehicle can be different and these are only reference points.....my vehicles are 13mm, 14mm, 15mm, and 15mm

  • kiawah 01/09/08 4:28 pm PST

    Sheez...... 'right' = 'write' (before richard jumps on my case).

    Sorry, tired.

  • wern10 04/01/08 12:39 pm PST

    to remove the oil pan youll need the metric socket set but your only going to use 10 mm.& 13mm and an 6 inch extention.13mm on the corners an 10 around the pan.


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