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  • bpari005 04/23/08 7:06 pm PST

    Well the speaker sizes are 6 1/2 inch components in the front and 4x6 inch speakers in the rear. The speakers are most likely amplified and would be most easily spotted by the bose emblems on the front door panels. All this means is that you will need to bypass the factory amp before adding a new amp for the door speakers. If you can't find the amp then just run new speaker wire.

  • bandit10 05/06/08 7:12 pm PST

    Go to a professional installer, and ask them. They will show you in there showroom what size speakers are in your vehicle. Because they want you to buy from them. Fry's Electronics, has a nice showroom. And as for installing an Amp. be sure you know how to wire it correctly. You could wind up blowing the new Amp.

    Source: My own experience with a 3 Amp setup. Very expensive mistake for me.

  • obyone 08/30/08 9:49 pm PST

    LOL!! Why go anywhere? Go online to crutchfield.com. They will tell you based on your vehicle exactly what you have and what options you can configure and install. And it's free.


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