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  • Stever@Edmunds 03/20/11 4:40 pm PST

    Lots of theories:

    When to Buy Your Next Car

    When is the best time of year to buy a car?

    What month is the best to buy a new car?

  • knowledgepower 03/20/11 7:44 pm PST

    Your timing is great concerning your new car purchase if you say within 6 months. The best time frame in the real world is July or early August, some articles you read will indicate December which isn't totally crazy either. I was the guy that started ordering those vehicles late June early July with the anticipation of them starting to arrive in early August. What you will get in the July-August time frame is a better selection of the model year that is current. Check the rebates to be sure of when they end during that period because they could be at their highest. Keep in mind also that dealers are not going to be thrilled in trading for the current model year but a few may based upon what's out there. The inventory will have to go and the further into the summer it gets the more dealers need to say goodbye to them. If you decide to go beyond August just check dealer inventories online to see what's left. Check Edmunds.com for your invoice before shopping and good luck.

  • ford91 04/02/11 3:55 pm PST

    Try to buy at the end of the month or year when the salesmen are trying to get theri quota for the month/year.

  • marfadean 04/12/11 10:18 pm PST

    The best time of the year is in the months the next year's models come out, which is usually in September. Also, purchasing a car near the end of any month is good because salemen want to meet their quotas.


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