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  • canddmeyer 08/27/08 5:20 am PST

    If you just need to top it off, then add water to the overflow. If the vehicle is under warranty and needs more than topping off, I wouldn't use anything but Toyota coolant. I also own a Toyota, and every quarter I get a service brochure mailed to me with 15% discounts on parts, so if you get one then use it for a discount on the coolant. Sorry, I don't know what Walmart stocks.

  • rearwheeldrive 08/27/08 2:28 pm PST

    Just like the last post I would top off with water if it was low in the overflow tank.

    If your really a clean freak you could put in distilled water its about a $1.00 /Gal. When you service the whole system any bottle of antifreeze needs to be mixed with water. But a little topping off doesnt throw off the balance.

    Usually a 50:50mix is what your shooting for. Use the red tinted color anti-freeze versus green if its still original coolant in the car. You can check color by dipping a white paper towel into the tank and then remove to see the color.I buy a good brand name at Walmart not the cheaper generic labels Its up to $9.00 dollars a gal.It mixes to make two gallons. A Corolla hold about two gallons when topped off. Walmart sells green and light red color anti freezes.


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