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  • subearu 05/30/08 6:53 am PST

    I'm guessing that the S motor will require premium because of the turbo, the non turbo motors recommend premium.

    Regardless, if you use regular fuel, the computers in both motors will adjust as much as it can to prevent spark knock. That adjustment usually results in slightly lower power and sometimes even a tick or two lower MPG.

    Since the motor is small and performance oriented, you might be better off on midgrade fuel. Though you might want to consider a vehicle that doesn't require/recommend premium if you don't want to use premium.


  • ltq 10/07/08 10:53 am PST

    I have a Clubman S, and according the manual, highly recommends
    premium, but regular can be used without damage. MPG can go down, so
    $/mile may increase with cheaper gas.

  • MrShift@Edmunds 05/07/09 1:40 pm PST

    Premium is stipulated. You can use regular but you will suffer marked loss of performance and lower fuel mileage. It really makes no sense to use regular IMO, as it turns out to be a rather false economy. If you take away a MINI's spirited performance and its excellent fuel mileage, what have you got left but a small slow car with so-so gas mileage?

    You could buy a car with much more room for the same money and achieve those lower numbers.


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