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  • tony78 06/03/09 1:49 am PST

    So what you are saying is that when you got the car it had 43,000 miles,,,,

    And you only changed the oil ONCE in 57,000 miles ?

    Oh and you changed the oil 2000 miles ago,,,,

    I have a question for you,,,How did you know what type of oil to use then,,,,?

  • 210delray 06/03/09 9:23 am PST

    The correct oil is 5W-30; synthetic oil is not required.

  • dvernon 06/04/09 11:16 pm PST

    Tony - I have a mechanic, close to work, that has been changing my oil in my cars as well as big repairs for over 20 years,  During my recent mini-vacation I wanted to get a couple of quarts for emergency.  (I had the car checked for a slow oil leak a few months ago) - he reminded me yesterday that the oil grade is on the oil cover under the hood.  My daughter took her Toyota sports car years ago to a oil change ctr. however they did not put the bottom cap on right - engine blew up on Capital Beltway at 17,000 miles.  


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