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  • obyone 09/24/08 7:01 pm PST

    Unless he can prove that the starter burnt out because of the "little" battery I would say that his beliefs are flawed. Curious as was this "little" battery one that came with the car? I noticed that you have a 2006 which will make it 2 years old and most batteries last 3 years looks like you got the short end of the stick.

    And if this isn't the battery that came with the car, who selected and installed it?

  • bertaf 09/25/08 11:17 am PST

    I am responding to the person who answered my question about the battery. The mechanic stated that he believes the starter burnt due to the new battery which was probably the wrong battery. A friend took my 2006 g6 and purchased a battery which was compatible to the battery in the g6 when I purchased it. The mechanic believes the new purchased battery was too big for my g6, therefore it caused problems and the starter was burned out. Does that make sense?



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