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  • docj 05/31/08 10:36 pm PST

    All vehicles now use R-134a refrigerant.
    In answer to your question,your vehicle uses R-134a
    R-12 has been phased out.

    One note of caution:

    If you are unfamiliar with auto a/c systems,i strongly suggest you have a professional do this recharge.
    The recharge kits they sell at auto parts stores etc,are called "death kits" in the industry.
    Inexperienced ppl are getting hurt using these setups-
    Proper equipment/procedures must be followed .
    One mistake can cause serious injury and /or can cause further system damage/expense.

    Doc J

  • bandit10 05/31/08 11:55 pm PST

    docj is right R134A is the only regridgerant available, and the proper one for your car. And like he said don't do this application on your own. It could have serious consequences to you and the vehicle.

  • tony78 06/01/08 1:06 am PST

    I agree with doc j.

    In order to fix your a/c system you will need several tools,,and here are just a few of them :
    Manifold Guage Set,,Vacuum Pump,,Valve Core Tools,,Ultra-violet Flashlight,,Crimping Hose Tools,,Leak Detector,,Charging Scale,,etc,,etc,,

    Just this short list of tools will set you back a few thousand dollars.

    Oh and the most important thing you will need is an E.P.A. License,,without an epa license,,you cannot purchase or install any type of refrigerant gas.

    Source: Snap On Tools


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