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  • morin2 04/03/10 3:01 am PST

    smallest: Toyota RAV4 - V6
    largest: Ford Expedition or Chevy Suburban

  • knowledgepower 04/03/10 7:38 am PST

    The smallest is correct with the Rav4 but it maxes out at 3500 with the Tow Prep package. That's just towing the trailer and not considering the remaining payload. How many passengers, how much extra gear? I would recommend a little bigger SUV rear wheel drive with a bit more towing capacity and have someone at the dealer with towing knowledge spec it out for you.

  • believe 08/04/12 5:50 pm PST

    The Rav4 6cyl is perfect for towing camping trailers that weight in at approx 2000#. If your towing a Scamp 16ft'r or a Casita, the Toyota is perfect for that. Yes, you do have to take in consideration the amount of food, people, etc your taking with you, but as long as your at or under the 3500 max tow rating, your fine. Do keep in mind that you should have a transmission cooler, and pay attention to the weight on the hitch.


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