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  • laltazan 04/22/11 7:52 am PST

    If the vehicle is not designed to run on E85, the check engine light normally comes on, due to excessive lean condition and the vehicle will lose power. In one case we saw a fuel pump ruined, possibly the same affect as running out of gas? It might be a lot cheaper to remove the E85 and fill with the proper fuel.


  • texases 04/22/11 11:15 pm PST

    Yes, if it's not flexfuel you'd be better to have all the fuel drained to prevent damage to the fuel system and engine.

  • thecardoc3 11/09/11 7:59 am PST

    For the most part your husbands truck if newer will not like the E-85, but will still run on it. It will start out running lean, and then the onboard computer will rapidly start adjusting the fuel trims to try and compensate. The Check Engine light is likely to come on setting lean air to fuel ratio codes. Depending on how much fuel was in his tank when he started adding the E-85, and how big the tank is so that more gasoline can be added to raise the overall mixture percentage the worst you should really expect is some bad fuel mileage until the concentration of alcohol is driven low enough. In order to make this as easy as possible on the fuel injection computer, he needs to fill up about every three gallons with gas for the next couple of days. Then he can go down to a half of a tank and fill up, then down to one quarter of a tank and fill up. The system is going to have to make a big correction right now compensating for being too lean, if he chose to run that all out and then go to gasoline, it would end up being too rich and take a while to relearn the correct ratio. By adding gasoline and bringing the concentration back over a week or so the computer will have less to try and compensate for. Other than that I have not personally seen any major failures from this kind of a misfueling, just aggravations.


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