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  • zaken1 02/07/10 1:15 am PST

    You apparently have been looking at search results from an Internet search engine. Search engines are not as limited in the information they list as we would sometimes like them to be. If you type in "2005 Ford Ranger" in the search bar; the program will list all the places on the Internet where those words can be found. Some of those results are not vehicles for sale; instead, the one you mentioned is obviously a listing for an accessory part which fits all the specified Ford models. The Ranger is a small pickup truck. The Edge is an SUV. The XL and the XLT are full sized pickup trucks. Most of them have electronic fuel injection; which is abbreviated as EFI. But some older models do not; or the poster does not consider whether or not the vehicle has EFI important enough to mention. If you find a listing which refers to all those different types of Ford vehicles, and has the measurement 72.3 (probably a length in inches); it most likely describes an accessory item like a wind deflector, a sun visor, or a chrome rail, which fits all of those vehicles.

  • marcp87 02/20/10 11:18 am PST

    The other guy is wrong. XL, XLT, and Edge are all trim / packages that the Ranger model truck are avalible in. Any Ford built since the late 1980's have EFI or Eletronic Fuel Injection.

  • zaken1 02/20/10 1:51 pm PST

    Marc P's criticism of my response about the 2005 Ford Ranger was correct. However, since I am not an expert on Ford history, and was unaware of how they juggle model names; I made those comments based on the current Ford models. I since learned that Ford originally used the submodel name "Splash" on Rangers up until 2000. Then from 2001-2005; Ford introduced the "Edge" name on a sporty looking 2WD Ranger that was built with the ride height of a 4x4 Ranger. In 2006, the "Edge" name for that Ranger model was dropped, and the model name was changed to "Sport." In 2007, 'Edge' became a vehicle all in itself as a Ford midsize crossover SUV. The XL and XLT submodels were names used on both full size Ford pickups and Rangers.


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