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  • actualsize 04/14/08 4:49 pm PST

    Honda has always been conservative when it comes to adding cylinders. Honda doesn't have a V8, for example. And since fuel prices are high and more stringent CAFE regulations will be phased-in, I wouldn't hold my breath. From Honda's point of view, CR-Vs seems to be selling just fine without one.

  • cb40 04/15/08 8:41 am PST

    You are correct, Honda does not have a V8, however, the Accords are available in a V6. It seems to me the size of the CR-V would merit a V6 option.

  • isellhondas 04/29/08 10:26 am PST

    I would be very surprised if Honda decided to produce V-6 CRV's.

    Why do you feel the need for one? They have lots of power with the 4 cyl.

    Toyota sells very few V-6 Rav-4's.

    With gas approaching 4.00 per gallon it doesn't seem to make much sense.

  • whitfang 04/14/16 5:06 pm PST

    My opinion is that Honda wants you to buy an Acura RDX if you want to have a V6 in a CRV based vehicle. If they did put a V6 in the CRV, it would take sales away from the RDX.


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