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  • zolecki 11/11/08 11:20 pm PST

    I have had both problems you describe, the noise is probably the ball-joints, if they are that loose, then they need to be replaced very soon before they fail. Once the ball joints are replaced, then put the tire on and try to move the tire, if it wiggles , then the hub is bad as well. Please let me know the vehicle you are working on and how everything goes with it.

  • snoofy 11/12/08 11:05 pm PST

    What is the year and make of this vehicle? I wouldn't bet on the hub being bad. How does it drive? Check the sway bar links first, they usually fail before anything else. As the suspension flexes, a broken bar link will hit the A-arm. The wobbling points toward the ball joint, wheel bearing, or tie-rod end. I would investigate the ball joint, but the wheel bearing could create a knocking noise also.


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