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  • morin2 03/27/10 7:04 pm PST

    Usually clicking noise comes from the starter or starter solenoid (sometimes replaced as a single assembly). But if your battery is weak, that could be the cause. First step is to have your battery load-tested (free at many auto parts stores) and check all connections (clean off corrosion etc), then if those are all ok, you can have the starter tested.

  • zaken1 03/27/10 7:39 pm PST

    The battery may also become discharged if a light or electrical accessory was inadvertently left on; or if the alternator had failed and stopped charging the battery while the vehicle runs; of if an alternator diode shorted out, and then began draining the battery while the engine was stopped. So a dead or discharged battery does not necessarily mean that the battery should be replaced. Only if the battery cannot be recharged should it be replaced. But if the battery was able to take a charge; I would definitely have the alternator checked for both full output power, and to make sure it does not drain power from the battery when the motor is not running.


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