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  • MrShift@Edmunds 04/19/08 1:14 pm PST

    I think the official pull out was 1995 but the last model year was 1994.

    Reasons for leaving were many--one obvious one was that it wasn't profitable; another reason is that Alfa was having trouble meeting all the US regulations regarding safety and emissions--why create complex systems for just USA export models in such small numbers? Made no sense.

  • btalfaman 04/20/08 12:34 am PST

    The previous writer gives some good reasons. But neglects to mention than most Americans view their cars like appliances. How else do you explain the cars made by Buick, Olds, Plymouth etc. Meanwhile there is an entire world of great cars out there that we cant get. Even GM gives the rest of the world the good stuff, (Opel, Vauxhall), and we get skylarks and and monte carlos. I had one of the first Milano 3.0 Verdes to come over here back in 1987. I had to bag it when the second kid came along. Just bought another 1987 2.5 Silver Edition Milano, this past fall. I am giddy waiting for Alfa to return. If you want Sophia Loren you put up with some headaches and heartbreaks. I'll stick with my Alfa and my Ferari, you can have your Taurus and Pontiac Aztec


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