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  • kecklerracing 02/10/09 2:37 pm PST

    normally the dealer will allow a little more since he does not have to pay fees transportation and he knows the history and can evaluate the vehicle better. If he plans to keep it to resale. I would say a few hundred may even give more depending what the vehicle beiing purchased is

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  • robert137 02/10/09 9:49 pm PST

    What some dealers are doing is quoting people an auction price called the black book
    this is just an attempt to quote you a lower figure on your trade I am going to tell them that
    if i cant get Edmunds true market value trade in on my car then we are wasting each others time.

  • isellhondas 02/22/11 12:55 pm PST

    Instead of trying to figure out what a dealer's profit margin may be, why not just offer what you think is a good price for the car?

    Auction prices can be all over the board. For a desirable (?) low mileage car it isn't uncommon at all for the winning bid to be higher than the wholesale books say. The cars are worth the money and with such low miles the buyer knows that not much reconditioning will be necessary.

    You really have no idea what the dealer pays for any used car and that really shouldn't matter to a buyer. It's either a good deal in your mind, or it's not!

    There are also costs involved in certifing a used car that can be pretty steep!


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