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  • mantis_ 01/21/12 11:26 am PST

    Update. Just this morning my right blinker started doing it too. only when i hit the brakes.

  • mantis_ 01/22/12 2:07 pm PST

    Another update. I replaced the flasher module and that did not fix the problem. Through my
    digging I have found that it could be the brake switch as I am also having a
    problem when I slightly release the brakes the lights go dark but the brakes
    are still engaged. The 4 way flashers still work when I press the brake. I
    unplugged the switch at the brake pedal and the flashers and turn signals work
    when I hit the brakes but obviously the brake lights do not light up. Is this a
    possible solution also to replace the brake switch?


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