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  • Stever@Edmunds 07/14/09 9:43 pm PST

    The Texas Department of Transportation says you can keep your plates (but it's not clear that you have to).

    You should be doing a bill of sale along with filling out the back of the title (or whatever Texas requires). Those documents should be enough for the buyer to show to a cop that the car was just purchased (so long as not much time passes between the sale and the vehicle registration).

    Texas DOT used to have some online forms, including a bill of sale I think. It's one of the worse DMV web sites I've seen though - good luck finding it.

    If you are selling to a dealer, there's something in the rules about the dealer having to remove the registration stickers and some dealers may be reluctant to give you the plates back.


  • texases 07/14/09 9:47 pm PST

    Yes, remove the plates and the window sticker. Also notify the DMV, you can do it on the web.


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