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  • morin2 03/08/09 7:26 pm PST

    Oil related problems are rare today & you are probably ok to stick to the recommendation in the owner's manual - but use the severe service schedule for the first oil change. I also think that if it gives you "peace of mind", there is no harm in doing that first oil change early, like 2 - 3000 miles. That is what I have always done - to flush out any metal flashings that may be present in a newly manufactured engine. If you change early, as I do, do so with conventional (not synthetic) oil in the weight recommended by your manual. The theory is that conventional oil allows more friction than synthetic and allows the rings to be seated. Once the engine is broken in, you can go to synthetic oil.

    Often the drain plug or oil filter will seem to be too tight to remove for the first oil change. I have the dealer change it the first time and instruct them to tighten only to the specified torque settings. Then subsequent oil changes are easy.

  • robert137 03/08/09 7:29 pm PST

    You should go by the interval shown in your owners manual.Some cars have a readout
    on the instrument panel that shows the time before oil change in a percentage of time left.
    Either way.


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