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  • zaken1 09/01/08 10:38 pm PST

    The starter solenoid on that vehicle is located inside the starter. There should be two wires connected to the starter. The heavy one is the positive battery cable, and the thinner one is the start wire from the ignition switch. Try unplugging the thinner wire, and jumping that terminal on the starter with a wire from either end of the positive battery cable.

  • jtkisa 09/01/08 10:57 pm PST

    Where is the starter?

  • tony78 09/02/08 12:28 am PST

    I would like to offer 3 suggestions:

    1. get a service manual for your car and read it from cover to cover.

    2. enroll in a basic auto shop class.

    3. find a mechanic that you trust,,,and while he is repairing your car,,you can ask him the names of the different parts.

    now if you follow suggestions 1. and 2. ,,with # 3. you will see everything very clearly.

    As for the starter,,it is a device that is cylindrical in shape,,about the size of a 1 lb coffee can,,,is is mounted on the side of the engine,,,there should be 2 wires going to it,,,a big one,,the big one is the positive cable from the battery,,,and a smaller wire,,,the smaller wire comes from your ignition switch.

    You know that thing you busted out because the key wouldn't turn,,,ya that thing.


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