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  • karjunkie 04/13/10 5:54 pm PST

    There is no fuel pressure regulator on this diesel engine. The injector pressure regulator is located on top of the high pressure oil supply pump. So is the fuel heater. There is no fuel heater sensor.

  • 0patience 04/13/10 7:53 pm PST

    The fuel heater is located inside the fuel filter housing, under the filter.

    The fuel pressure regulator is located in the side of the filter housing, held on by 2 torx screws.

    Fuel pressure in the cylinder head fuel galleries is maintained at 310-448 kPa (45-65 psi) by a Fuel Pressure Regulator. The Fuel Pressure Regulator consists of a spring-loaded poppet valve, which opens to allow excess fuel to exit fuel filter/water separator prior to being cycled through the fuel filter. Fuel exiting the fuel filter/water separator is returned to the fuel tank.


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