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  • knowledgepower 05/19/11 6:15 pm PST

    I've tried to find GAP insurance online and every advertisement wants you switch your insurance coverage to theirs. I would call the Lexus dealership and talk to the Finance Manager and find out who provides them their GAP insurance and offer to pay cash for the policy.

  • car2cover 05/20/11 8:14 am PST


    We are an online company offering GAP Insurance directly to consumers like yourself.

    Providing you have purchased your Lexus within the last 180 days from a VAT Registered dealer you will be able to consider the GAP Insurances that we offer. We currently offer three types of cover, Finance GAP, Return To Invoice and Vehicle Replacement Insurance and we can offer different periods of cover ranging from 1 to 5 years.

    The policies we offer are underwritten by an 'A' Rated Insurer (AM Best Rated) and are offered by major franchised dealers but at much higher premiums. Our policies are very competitively priced but they also include unique features not offered elsewhere.

    If you are still looking for GAP cover, please feel free to visit our website www.car2cover.co.uk .

    I hope this helps?


  • car2cover 05/20/11 8:16 am PST


    I forgot to mention that to take the GAP Insurance, you must have fully comprehensive insurance in place - but the GAP Insurer does not dictate who you use to provide the comprehensive cover.

    I hope this has been helpful!!??



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