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  • bandit10 06/05/08 8:25 pm PST

    Check out your local Library they have manuals with diagrams. Also go on line to Mitchells.com and check out your application. I found one source that helped, and that was the parts dept. of the dealership. They showed me on the screen exactly the proper routing of the belt.

  • rearwheeldrive 06/08/08 2:15 am PST

    Timing belt I like the library too.

    Your engine, a 4 cylinder should be accessible. The belt is pretty much a remove then slid the new one right back on DONT MOVE ANYTHING . The valves will hit the piston if you turn the engine over while the belt is removed. Have the new belt ready to go on when you remove the old.

    One way I get the belt close to a ref point is try and get the engine to T.D.C top dead center. It doesnt have to be but if the engine shaft turns when your putting on the belt a couple marks youll know it moved off TDC because the marks arent on there ref points

    If you pull all the plugs the engine will easily turn over by hand when you grab the lower pulley. This way you can set the timing marks up easier. I also remove the tire for easier assess to the pulley.

    Then I put a piece of plastic in the hole for the #1plug, this is the ref to TDC the piston i s at TDC. Something that wont get jammed in the clyinder and flexes, a straw works great.

    Now I remove the plastic cover over the timing belt and also the motor mount. I think theres one on that side of the engine . The mount will always be in the center circle of the belt as its running, And you cant get the belt on because the mount will always be on the outside if you dont break it loose and slid one side of the belt under the mount. Now you should be able to get the new belt, and the old one to slip over it.

    To get the old belt off now you must loosen a tensioner, it keeps the slack out of the belt while the engine is running. A nutin the center of the tensioner loosen a couple turns gets allows you to push it away from the belt. Push the tensioner to get the belt slackened, when the belt is loose, hold it there, and tighten the nut. This is so you can get the new belt on.easier too, Remove old belt.

    Put the new belt on. First on the small lower crankgear then the top cam gear.Since an engine spins clockwise, the belt must be tight between 12o'clock position on the cam gear down past 3 to the 6o'clock position, at the crankgear. Then from there up past 9 to 12 is the loose side, the tensioner side. This side goes on last.

    When the new belt is on and the pulleys didnt move, release the tensioner by loosening the nut .Then tighten the nut and assemble the plastic cover tighten the motor mount and put the plugs back in.

    Before all the assembly check the ref marks first, for same alignment you had when you took the old belt off.

    The tensioner is a tough thing to push back I use a wooden stake or something soft so I dont damage it pushing it back against the tension.

  • rearwheeldrive 06/08/08 3:35 am PST

    Just got off line from Autozone on timing belt change

    Your engine goes counter clockwise and you have anothe balance timing belt under the timing belt. And this size engine was not for an Accord but a Del Sol . Should work the same.

    I hope this helps.


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