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  • karjunkie 01/29/10 3:44 pm PST

    The button has nothing to do with the interlock system. Spray some WD40 in the button and that may help. If not, open up the console around the shifter and find the pintel that locks the shifter to see if it is operating properly. If not, lubricate the pintel or replace the solenoid.

  • coolfam 02/05/10 7:50 pm PST

    The BTSI solenoid is located on the drivers side of the shift lever near the floor. It is shaped like a cylinder with an arm extending from each end. When trying to find the part, i was told it by dealership, it came with the whole assembly and would cost $250 just for parts.
    I discovered by prying just the front end of solenoid arm off the mounting pin, the button was easy to push in all weather conditions. I cannot advise you to do this since it overrides some safety features. This is just some information of what I have discovered.

  • buzard123 10/14/12 5:00 pm PST

    No more waiting 10 minutes for car to warm up on cold Minnesota mornings. I don't recommend what I did because I disconnected the arm on the front end of the BTSI solenoid for my 1998 chevy MALIBU LS which disables the saftey feature so kids can't shift the car out of gear without applying the brake. My repair took 10 minutes and saved time and money. Tools needed a 5/16 wrench to disconect battery neg cable, then a screw driver to take pry off outer most shifter trim which extends to the outer console takes about 10 seconds than pull the trim up and turn it so you can pull it up and beyond the shifter with the button so it is out of your way, throw it on the front passenger seat. Next you will need a trouble light while seating in drivers seat look down at the left side of shifter assembly at the front where shifter is in the park mode you will see the arm of the solenoid it has a white cap or clip assy which surronds a pin of the shifter assy. Take your long screw driver and pry the white cap of solenoid off the shifer assy takes about 10 seconds, easy. Done deal now it will shift easily at any temp without your foot on the brake. And it will still not shift out of gear unless you have the key. Now is a good time to clean that trim up and then reinstall it and tighten up that neg cable on the battery. Now you can quicky shift at any time and any temp.. No more 98 Malibu stuck in park on cold days....

    98 Malibu stuck in park


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