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  • karjunkie 12/18/09 7:00 pm PST

    You first have to remove the push pins out of the massive plastic cover on the engine, and take it off. Now you can see the engine!! There's a long thin (about 3 inches wide) plastic cover on each side of the engine on top of the valve covers. Some of the metric 8mm bolts are really hard to get to and really easy to lose, so use care taking if off. It's also very hot in there, so plan on doing this to a cool engine. One of those long covers is extra hard to get out, but you can get it wiggled out if you play around a bit.Now you'll see four round black things protruding from where the covers used to be. Those are the coil overs. The LS doesn't have a distributor, it has eight separate coils that go directly to the spark plugs. I recommend unplugging each coil before removing the screw that holds it in (yea there's another 8mm bolt for each coil) and taking out the coil carefully. The plug boots should pull out with a 1/4 twist and pull straight out technique. Now you should be careful to check for oil in the plug holes. This is a common problem on thse engines. If you find oil in there, you'll also need to replace the valve cover gaskets.


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