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  • ray80 08/12/08 7:11 am PST

    The battery is in the rear of vehicle inside the lower storage compartment (where spare is). If needed, there is a place in engine compartment to jump start with cables (just have to make sure you don't use the WRONG post and overload steering fuse). You can register at mygmlink.com to get to online version of manual if desired.

  • dfalsetti 09/02/08 5:45 pm PST

    Under the spare tire panel, behind the rear license plate area.
    I toohave a recent purchase of 06', finding some oddities...

  • dewit 12/06/08 11:46 am PST

    The battery is locted in the beck under the storage panel and under the spare tire, just open the back end and you will see the panel to remove under the carpet.

  • fallguy2005 10/31/11 10:12 pm PST

    What if the battery is dead?

    I need to remove the battery so I can put it on a charger.
    But there is no way to open the back hatch with a dead battery.
    Those Chevy designers forgot to put a key in the hatch.

  • travellingon 02/10/14 5:01 pm PST

    The battery is in the back under the big cover over the spare tire area. If the battery is dead, however, you can't open the back hatch door on an HHR. We solved it by using a key to open the front passenger door, then reaching through and unlocking a back passenger door. We then lowered the back seats, lifted out the carpet in the back. The panel over the spare tire area lifts up with the notch next to the rear hatch door. We lifted it up, and there was the battery. We hooked a charger to it long enough to get it charged just a LITTLE so we could then get our key out of the ignition and use it to remotely unlock the whole car. The dealership sent someone over to our house to jump start the car so we could take it over to them. The car uses an odd battery and nobody in town has one. The dealership had to order one.


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