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  • MrShift@Edmunds 08/07/09 11:10 pm PST



    1. Open the glove box. Lower the glove box down completely by removing the glove box stopper to the glove box.

    1. Remove the filter cover by pushing the knob.
    2. Replace the air filter install it after making sure of the direction of air filter

    Replacement period: 15,000 km (9320 mile)

  • ahol 12/20/10 1:52 pm PST

    Simple change, especially after you do it once (demo is in manual too if you get confused):

    1. Open glove box and remove contents.

    2. Look to the right of the glove box, you'll see a black support arm connected to a plastic fixture. Pull that support arm towards the passenger door (it's easier if you do this with the door open, I gently used pliers since it was a bit stubborn).

    Note: the arm is a rubbery material, so if using pliers or any tools, be careful not to rip the loop that attaches to plastic fixture.

    3. While doing this step, push glove box up a bit to relieve strain on stoppers. Makes it a lot easier:

    Remove two rectangular stoppers inside glove box. Pull front edges of each clip toward the center of glove box, then pull towards you (while still pulling to center). 4. After clip is loose from track, wiggle the rubber stopper through the opening in glove box.

    5. Remove glove box.

    6. Unclip air filter cover

    7. Replace with new filter. Of course, make sure you insert it with AIR FLOW arrow pointing in correct direction. Make note of original orientation as reference.


    1. Reattach filter cover.

    2. Insert glove box.

    3. Wiggle rubber stoppers back through hole in glove box and snap back into their tracks. Check for smooth operation.

    4. Clip support arm loop back onto plastic fixture. Make sure it snaps into place (you'll hear the click).

    5. Check again for smooth glove box door opening and closing.


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